1969 & 70 OCAA Champions
1969 & 70 OCAA Champions
Induction: 2015
Category: TEAM
Sport: Women's Basketball and Volleyball

The 1968-1969 season marked the inaugural year of competition for Niagara College intercollegiate sport. Despite the Niagara College Knights women’s basketball and volleyball programs being in their infancy, the teams managed to capture three OCAA Championships in two years.  The 1968-69 season saw the Niagara College women's basketball program win the first ever OCAA Championship for the Knights with just seven players.  

The 1969-70 season saw these seven women, joined by 15 new teammates return for a second OCAA women's basketball championship.  Not satisfied with provincial dominance on the basketball court, these same women also captured the 1970 OCAA women's volleyball championship.

The 1968-69 roster consisted of: Linda (Gray) Fletcher (Head Coach), Mary (Maxim) Muir, Heather Lee Kilty, Donna Johnstone, May Reid, Debbie Skettett, Shirley Levay, and Lois (Lamb) Stoorza.

Joining for the 1969-70 season were: Niki (Beaulieu) Skrypnyk, Debi (Davidson) Allen, Denise (Audette) Rousseau, Wendy (Roberts) Streib, Marianne (Hogervorst) Bowman, Sylvia (Pupo) Peters, Sandy (Madden) Notar, Margie (Darte) Rae, Pam (O'Dell) Fulton, Judy (MacFarlane) Szydlowski, Pat Becker, Maureen Clarysse, Lana McNeil, Varley Finch, Linda (Potrecz) Barrow.