Andrea (Flindall) Hurley
Andrea (Flindall) Hurley
Induction: 2003
Category: ATHLETE
Sport: Basketball (1996-1999)

Andrea (Flindall) Hurley 

Andrea (Flindall) Hurley of St. Catharines, Ontario, spent three years as a member of the Niagara Knights women's basketball team and was a leader on a young team when the Knights were in the process of rebuilding the program.

She stepped in as a rookie and was expected to run the offence in the point guard position. She brought experience, leadership, and determination to excel on the court. Her great attitude on and off the court with her teammates brought her immediate respect.

She represented the Knights, and in her final year, the Fanshawe Falcons on the OCAA Western Region All-Star team. She competed in the three-point shooting competition in her first year and finished second. Andrea closed out the first year with an average of 10.7 points per game and was awarded the Knights Freshman Female Athlete of the Year in 1996 - 97.

She earned the Athlete of Distinction award in only her second year as a member of the women's basketball and indoor soccer teams, selected as the women's basketball team MVP in successive years and in her final year at Niagara was named OCAA West Region 2nd Team All Star.

In her fourth and final year in the OCAA (Ontario Colleges Athletic Association, Andrea transferred to Fanshawe College where she was successful in leading the Falcons to an OCAA Championship, a trip to the CCAA Nationals, selected as a 2nd Team All-Star, OCAA Championship Most Valuable Player and player of the game.

Her most memorable moment was playing with her sister and brother on the Knights basketball teams and meeting her husband. Andrea graduated from the Journalism-Print program in 1999.