Ed Luciow
Ed Luciow
Induction: 1998 (Charter Member)
Category: ATHLETE
Sport: Basketball (1968-1972)

Ed Luciow

Ed Luciow was born in Welland and began his collegiate career at Niagara College in 1968. He brought many qualities of leadership as a center on a good Men's Basketball team. He also excelled in the classroom.

His outstanding character and dedication to Men's Basketball set the standard for the players who followed. Ed also participated in intramural activities and led groups to support other teams at Niagara.

Ed was the Most Valuable Player on the Men's Basketball team in 1969-70, 70-71, and 71-72. He led the team to division titles in 1968 and 1970.

The greatest athletic honour that the college gives was earned by Ed in 1970-71 when he was voted Male Athlete of the Year.