Knights Athletics and Recreation Add 'Strength' to Department with Hiring of Robert Chrzaszcz

WELLAND, ON (July 5, 2019) - Niagara College Athletics and Recreation is pleased to welcome Robert Chrzaszcz to the Knights family as the Strength and Conditioning coach.

Chrzaszcz is a graduate of Niagara College, holding diplomas in Police Foundations and Health & Fitness, as well as a one- year graduate degree in Exercise Science for Health and Performance. In addition, Chrzaszcz also obtained is undergraduate degree in Physical Education.

Chrzaszcz, a St. Catharines native, combined his passion for sports with the goal of maximizing athletic performance. Excelling in a wide range of sports, Chrzaszcz was soon introduced to weight training, where, he says, he did a lot of damage to his body due to incorrect body movements.

"I weight trained intensely from ages 18 to 23 and sustained numerous injuries. During that time, I did a lot of damage to myself and other people due to incorrect lifting mechanics. I then took it upon myself to go back to school and learn about the human body."

Over the last nine years, Chrzaszcz has focused his studies on Exercise Biomechanics, Clinical Assessments and Anatomy.

Chrzaszcz has worked as an Exercise Physiologist for the last two years designing personalized exercise programs for athletes and individuals with chronic disease at LV Physiotherapy in St. Catharines. His skills and expertise, combined with his personal training experience and education, led him to apply for the Knight's Strength and Conditioning position.

"I am passionate about sports, high performance training and exercise biomechanics." Says an enthusiastic Chrzaszcz.

"My athletic background coupled with my education has allowed me to apply missing principles into sport specific training that will improve athletic performance and I am beyond excited to start with Niagara College."

Chrzaszcz will start with the deparment on August 15, 2019.